Prof. Malin Falkenmarkのものがたり

Prof. Malin Falkenmark

Prof. Malin Falkenmark


Born on November 21, 1925 Sweden Hydrologist

Professor of Applied and International Hydrology
Senior Researcher at Stockholm Resilience Center
Senior Scientific Advisor to the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Water is bloodstream of the Earth

There is nothing more important for survival than water. It is essential for everyone. However, some places on the Earth have enough water while others lack it. It is completely different depending on the area. You may think that everyone knows this.
However, people were not aware that the water situation is different in different areas. It was one researcher who changed that awareness clearly.

Prof. Malin Falkenmark

Prof. Malin Falkenmark is a hydrologist. Hydrology is a field of study concerned with all matters regarding water on the Earth. The water she deals with is not only in rivers, lakes, or oceans. Water exists in the atmosphere and soil as well. As blood circulates in our body, water circulates on the Earth to support its life.
Prof. Falkenmark noticed ahead of others that poverty around the world, especially in developing countries, is deeply related to water. In the 50 years since then, she has conducted research hoping to solve water-related problems and raise awareness about the importance of water. Even at the age of 92, she is actively involved in research.